Prozesse des Einzugs von Aids in die botswanische Alltagswelt: Von einer allochthonen zu einer einheimischen Krankheit
Curare 28.2005:153-168
Keywords: HIV, AIDS, culture and AIDS, epidemics, public health, everyday life and AIDS

##Process of integration of AIDS into daily life in Botswana: From a foreign to a local disease
The governmental institutions of Botswana reply to the AIDS epidemic with an exemplary AIDS policy. Nevertheless the country remains in the top group of the high rate countries. Based on a research project on the social and cultural consequences of the epidemic the paper describes the meeting of the international standardised medical concept of governmental policy with the autochthonous medicine as well as with medical everyday certainties. The process of integration of the new and extraordinary experiences with the disease into the cultural fabric is illustrated with the emerging metaphors around the events of AIDS. The metaphors reflect the discussions of the question whether AIDS is an old indigenous disease in a new guise or a new foreign one which has infected Batswana, and also whether in the sickness appears something spiritual or only a secular action. Local names for the disease make it possible to talk over - the offer of the anti-retroviral medicine makes it treatable; both together indicate the entry of AIDS into everyday life.##