The history and future of African rice. Food security and survival in a West African war zone
Afrika Spectrum 41.2006:77-93
Keywords: rice cultivation, food security, security of food, survival, war and survival

##The paper analyses farmer coping strategies under war-time conditions in Sierra Leone in order to identify why food-insecure farmers continue to value African rice. African rice has an important association with sokoihun (forest enclaves). These enclaves - written in the history of the landscape became once again important as war swept over rural communities in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone in the 1990s. The sokoihun teach a lesson about innovation under adversity. War-affected rural populations might benefit from improving African rice through genetic contribution from Asian rice, reversing a mainstream institutional breeding strategy. In general, it is concluded that pro-poor plant improvement would benefit from careful contextual analysis and prior consultation with the food-insecure.##