Die Herstellung sozialer Sicherheit in Tanzania. Prozesse sozialer Transformation und die Entstehung neuer Handlungsräume
(Market, culture, and society 15)
Berlin: Lit Verlag 2006
284 pp., Euro 25.90; ISBN 3-8258-8293-4
Keywords: social security, security (Tanzania), family networks, cooperation, self-organization, public health, health care

Constructing social security in Tanzania. Processes of social transfor-mation and the emergence of new spaces of action
Presently there is a discussion in Tanzania on enlarging social security in which mostly formal approaches are considered. Steinwachs develops the establishment of social security in everyday life further based on empirical research (interviews with 140 people). Major fields of action (regarding social change) on which this book focuses are family networks, economic cooperation and self-organization, and especially the health sector discussing approaches for an integrated system of finance for public health. In doing so the author describes the embeddedness of social security in family networks, the social embeddedness of economic activity, everyday solidarity and self-organization between reciprocity and monetarization, everyday practice regarding health: the socially organized access to health care, and finally societal transformation in regard to the concept of social security.