Indianerspiel. Auch Indianer spielen Indianer. Studie zu einem kulturhistorischen Phänomen
Wyk: Verlag für Amerikanistik 2006
46pp., Euro 18,-; ISBN 3-89510
Keywords: Indian stereotypes, stereotypes of Indians, clichˇs of Indians, Indians (American), children and Indians

Playing Indians. Even Indians play Indians. Study of a cultural-historical phenomenon
Dräger demonstrates the prevalence of a certain clichˇ of Indianness even among Indians themselves, occurring among various North American cultures which agrees with images of Indian cultures worldwide. The beginning of such stereotypes were European museal shows in the 19th century where Indians were usually displayed as feather-wearing bison hunters etc. The critical assessment of the topic in this book includes numerous illustrations: museal objects, drawings of children, and actual, present-day photographs of costumes for comparison.