Geister in der Diaspora. Haitianische Diskurse über Geschlechter, Jugend und Macht in Montreal, Kanada
(Curupira 21)
Marburg: Curupira 2005
455 pp., Euro 23,-; ISBN 3-8185-0415-6
Keywords: diaspora, gender, youth, power, Voodoo, self and other, slave trade, Erzulie, Ogou, Marassa

Spirits in the diaspora. Haitian discourses on gender, youth, and power in Montreal, Canada
##For Haitians in the diaspora, traditional Haitian vodou forms a central point of reference for situating the self and the immigrant community in the face of changed living conditions. The spirits of vodou in particular, imported into the New World from West Africa with the slave trade to follow the migrants to North America have once again become an essential part of a diaspora and adapted to a changed surrounding. The book considers the importance of traditional religion for Haitian men, women and youth in Montreal, Canada, concentrating on the prominent role of vodou spirits and their transformation in the context of migration. Erzulie, the spirit of love, seduction and motherhood, Ogou, hero of war, victory and power, ,ind the Marassa, the twins, who stay unpredictable and avoid the seriousness of Haitian life, serve as flexible imaginary templites, which are used in ordcr to reflect and to perform individual as well as collective identities in relation to a pluricultural setting.##