Bemalte Grabtafeln von der zentralperuanischen Küste im Ethnologischen Museum Berlin
Baessler-Archiv 53.2005:55-74
Keywords: grave tablets, tomb tablets

Painted tomb tablets of the Central Peruvian coast in the Anthropological Museum at Berlin
##The Ethnologisches Museum Berlin keeps in its ancient American Collection about 125 painted grave-tablets made of fabric. They were excavated from burial grounds at the Peruvian central coast, mainly north of Lima. The grave tablets belonged to burials containing mummybundles from the Middle Horizon 3 and 4 till the Late Intermediate Period 3. An understanding of their significance would be a contribution to the study of pre-Columbian mortuary practices. In order to learn about their meaning, an iconographic analysis of the depicted anthropomorphic figures was undertaken. But it has not become evident, whether they signify human or supematural beings. The grave-tablets were apparently introduced on the coast by invaders, who followed the Hitari expansion and got under the influence of the north coast traditions.##