Bildungsbürger im Urwald. Die deutsche ethnologische Amazonien-forschung (1884-1929)
(Curupira 19)
Marburg: Curupira 2004
539 pp., Euro 25,-; ISBN 3-8185-0397-4
Keywords: Amazon expeditions, expeditions to the Amazon, ethnography, Kulturkreislehre, culture contact

Educated citizens in the jungle. German anthropological Amazonia research (1884-1929)
##This volume provides a detailed overview of the expeditions of German anthropologists to the Amazon. The gradual institutionalization of the new discipline in the Wilhelminian period forms the backdrop for a study of the lifeways of the individual scholars, their professional careers in Germany, their thematic interests, methodological style and theoretical convitions. The focus of the volume is directed at the relationships developed between the Indians and scientists in the Amazon and the discussion of the conditions of day-to-day life in the field.## The anthropologists were: Karl von den Steinen, Paul Ehrenreich, Konrad Theodor Preuss, Theodor Koch-Grüünberg, Max Schmidt, Fritz Krause, Hermann Meyer, Wilhelm Kissenberth, Felix Speiser and others. Kraus discusses aims, motivations, and attitude towards collecting ethnographica of the scholars, preparations for the expeditions, conditions during the expeditions, research among Indians, ambivalent culture contact, ways and methods of ordering the material collected, theory and worldview of the ethnographers. The last chapter discusses the American critique of the Kulturkreislehre.