"Our native thing" Studie zum Geschichtsbild der Sanandresanos in der kolumbianischen Karibik
(Curupira 16)
Marburg: Curupira 2004
299 pp., Euro 19,-; ISBN 3-8185-0382-6
Keywords: self-image (Caribbean islanders), identity (Caribbean), agency (Caribbean), empowerment

"Our native thing" Studying the the view history of the Sanandresanos in the Colombian Carribbean
The book deals with the interplay of cultures on the Colombian Carribbean island of San Andrés. Against the background of a varied history, dominated by various colonial powers and the inhabitants Leipold discusses relations between "native islanders" and immigrated "Spaniards" which determines the simultaneous existence of languages, religions, music, and other cultural forms of expression. The central focus is on the self-image of the islanders, in the past and now. Chapters describe the ethno-history of San Andrés, the history of the emergence of Afro-Caribbean culture, cultural subject areas (church, language, music, reggae, history), followed by descriptions of concrete civil projects fostering agency and identity processes ("which road to take" and "power to the people"). The appendix has 16 more or less lenghty interviews in English (about 70 pages).