Risaru. Die politische Organisation der Prärie-Indianer
Wyk: Verlag für Amerikanistik 2006
115 pp., Euro 21,-; ISBN 3-89510-108-7
Keywords: Plains Indians, Prairie Indians, economy of American Indians, political organization of American Indians, Indians (American), Pawnee, Mandan, Hidatsa

Risaru. The political organization of Prairie Indians
Linnertz describes exchange and influences between Plains and Prairie Indians, especially political Prairie Indian structures influencing Plains Indians, an influence which is described as having been very strong prior to the time of the Reservations. Thus, the Pawnee had a century-old socio-political organization which they spread after they had migrated to the Southern Plains and prairies, and the Mandan and Hidatsa are described as establishing economic centers for trading between the cultural zones. In this way differences between the cultural areas of Great Plains and Prairie are presented: settling patterns, economy, the annual cycle, etc. Further, structures of tribes, village, clans, moieties, phratries, and chiefdom are briefly described as well as life before and after the white colonists.