Die versäumte Freundschaft. Österreich-Mexiko 1901-1956. Von der Aufnahme der Beziehungen bis zu Mexikos Beitritt zum Staatsvertrag
(Lateinamerikanistik 3)
Wien: Lit Verlag 2006
335 pp., Euro 19.90; ISBN 3-8258-9332-4
Keywords: Mexican-Austrian relations, Austrian-Mexican relations, culture and politics, stereotypes of countries

The missed friendship. Austria-Mexico, 1901-1956. From the beginning of relations to Mexico"s aggreement to the state treaty
Müller discusses the dynamics, the diplomatic-political relations of the two countries, their respective moves to establish friendly relations or retreat. Past research has concentratd on the Habsburg archduke Maximilian as ruler of Mexico and thus the conservation of an immobile historical image of Mexico, an image that is still present in contemporary stereotypes. Müller shows repercussions of cultural influences in the political relations of the two countries. There was a superiority stereotype on the Austrian side and a positive valuation of the Mexican leftist "revolutionary elite" of the 1920s among Austrian social democrats which still persists. On the other hand, the persecution of Christians in Mexico led to negative reactions in Catholic Austria while the totalitarian tendencies in the Church in Austria were compared to an omnipresent totalitarian monster by Mexican diplomats.