Ritual paraphernalia and the foundation of religious temples: The case of the Tairona-Kagaba/Kogi, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia
Baessler-Archiv 54.2006:145-162
Keywords: Kágaba/Kogi, temples of Kágaba/Kogi, masks, pre-Columbian iconography, iconography

##Recent radiocarbon dating of artifacts collected by K. T. Preuss in 1915 confirms the association in time with the proposed sequence of temple foundations of the Kágaba/Kogi, an ethnic group of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The antiquity of the temple foundations can be deduced from the genealogy of the priests in charge documented by K. T. Preuss. Ritual paraphernalia, like masks, which have obviously been created commemorating the foundation of a temple, give us a hint in terms of modeling the bases of power and the development of modumental architecture. The antiquity of the masks still in use by the Kágaba/Kogi gives us the opportunity to connect the pre-Columbian to the actual iconography of ritual paraphernalia. By consequence we can try to explain and test the foundation of temples, the use of religious paraphernalia by priestly organizations as well as changes and continuities since pre-Columbian times.##