Ökonomische und soziopolitische Grundlagen der Indianer des Christoph Kolumbus (II) der ersten und zweiten Reise
Tribus 55.2006:99-154
Keywords: Columbus, C., Indians (American), Taíno culture, Calino culture, Caribbean studies

Economic and socio-political foundations of the Indians of Christopher Columbus (II) of the first and second journeys
##This is the second part of a paper mainly dealing with the material substance of the Caribbean Taíno and Calino cultures around 1500 AD with plenty of information based on research conclusions in historical, ethnological, archaeological, sociological and economic sciences. Primarily there is the native Caribbean in contrast with the European world, i.e. the Spanish with the Genuese Christopher Columbus in the center and his conquering successors ending in the first American holocaust. When archaeological results in Caribbean diggings cannot be helpful getting insight in cultural background anymore, ethnological analogies in South American especially Amazonian and Guinean recent tribal life must bring support. After years of serious research all this and beyond with new insights and some revisions of preceding ethnohistorical accounts is realized by the author who is a museum"s ethnologist with archaeological knowledge and a doctor"s degree in social and economic sciences. With its comprehensive informations this article together with the first one in TRIBUS 2005 will be one first step to the new German ethnoarchaeological Caribbean studies.##