Grenzgänger zwischen Religion und Wissenschaft. Zu den vielfältigen Verflechtungen zwischen afrobrasilianischen terreiros und der sie erforschenden Anthropologie
(Curupira 20)
Marburg: Curupira 2005
427 pp., Euro 22,- ISBN 3-8185-0414-8
Keywords: border crossing, cultural commuters, emic perspective, etic perspective, religion and science, science and religion

Commuters between religion and science. On the manifold interrelations between Afro-Brazilian terreiros and the anthropology researching them
##The study of Afro-Brazillan religions has a long tradition in Brazilian anthropology. Many researchers - in the past and the present - have established a special relationship with the studied religion going far beyond what is generally considered suitable within German anthropology. At the same time, many followers of Afro-Brazilian religions are interested in anthropology and also use it for religious purposes. On the basis of life stories, the present volume examines the complex relationship of anthropology and Afro-Brazilian religions, analysing the historical background as well as causes and consequences of this form of border crossing. In the concluding association of the specific Brazilian phenomenon with different international and German discourses, the author calls in question the border that is often drawn between the researcher and the researched within German anthropology.##