Reiseleben Lebensreise. Der ungarische Orientalist Hermann Vambéry (1832-1913) über Zentralasien
(Interethnische Beziehungen und Kulturwandel 55)
Münster: Lit Verlag 2003
133 pp., Euro 9.90; ISBN 3-8258-7270-X
Keywords: Vambéry, H., orientalism, colonialism, post-colonialism, deconstruction, power and Orient, neo-liberalism, neo-colonialism

Life of travelling journey of life. The Hungarian orientalist Hermann Vambéry (1832-1913) on Central Asia
Bock-Luna deconstructs Vambéry as well as Orientalist power politics of the 19th century (the "great game" R. Kipling) in which various powers were vying for influence in "oriental" areas a process that she describes as ongoing, specifically after the decline of the Soviet Union. She analyzes Vambéry and the various levels of his work and the respective political processes using post-structuralist and post-colonial approaches. She shows and concludes that present-day neo-liberal and neo-colonialist thought are not very different from discourses of the times of imperialism and humanism.