Hierarchie und Module Zur Darstellung von Sufiheiligen in Moghulminiaturen
Tribus 55.2006:53-65
Keywords: Mughal paintings, Sufi saints, paintings of Sufis, rulers and holy men, holy men paintings

Hierarchy and moduls On the depiction of Sufi saints in Mughal miniature paintings
The author discusses and presents (most of them (7) photographis of miniatures from the Habighorst Collection, Koblenz) Mughal miniatures of the "ruler-holy man motif", and he notes the persistence of motifs, and depictions of specific holy men, through the centuries (like in the case of Mian Mir, 1550-1635). All group pictures of Shaikhs are strictly hierarchical, Habighorst notes: the Shaikh revered the most always being positioned at the right-hand upper corner.