Ein Sterbehaus für Frauen und Kinder. Ordensschwestern pflegen Aids-Kranke in Indien
Curare 28.2005:201-209
Keywords: hospices, dying, care of the dying, public health, charity organizations, AIDS, HIV

##A last residence for women and children: Nuns care for AIDS patients in India
The increasing number of people dying from AIDS is a challenge for families and public agencies. In India the systems of"social security and the public health service are working often in a more restricted way, and families are hardly able to take care of their HIV-infected relatives due to their given lack of resources. During the last years the globally connected churches and charity organizations have founded networks of healing and care, providing food, medication and shelter for those suffering and dying from AIDS. Many of the religious networks, among them catholic orders, are transnational in their activities: financial resources, medical staff and biomedical knowledge are transferred from western countries to India. This article is focussing on the perceptions and perspectives of German and Indian nuns, well-trained nurses, who are looking for AIDS-orphans and dying women. Taking care of these children and women, they become their "social mothers", while otherwise they would die lonely in the streets of India.##