Die zentralasiatischen Reisen und Sammlungen von Willi R. Rickmers
Baessler-Archiv 54.2006:163-182
Keywords: Rickmers, W.R., collection, ethnographica, textiles, carpets, ceramics

The Central Asiatic travels and collections of Willi R. Rickmers
##With the collection of Willi R. Rickmers (1873-1965) the Ethnographical Museum Berlin holds more than a thousand objects of the late 19th and the beginning of the 20th century from the Bukharian Emirate and Russian Turkestan. The collection contains mostly textiles, carpets and ceramics from urban, rural and nomadic origin, most of them still unpublished. Rickmers was a mountaineer and geographer more than an ethnographer and he gave only few further specifications about the collected items. So we do not know much about Rickmers travels, his views on the regions he visited and his intentions while collecting. But there are Rickmers" three books about his travels, his letters to the Berlin Museum and his photographs. In this article, the history of the collection will be presented, complemented with additional information from Rickmers" books, his letters and photographs.##