Nomadismus und Sesshaftigkeit bei den Burjaten
(Gesellschaften und Staaten im Epochenwandel 12)
Frankfurt/M.: Lang Verlag 2006
219 pp., Euro 39,-; ISBN 3-631-53946-0
Keywords: Buryats, nomadism, sedentariness, folklore of Buryats, songs of Buryats, Chori Buryats, Echirit-Bulagat Buryats, Selenga Buryats, marriage, sayings, elders, history, chronicles

Nomadism and settled existence among the Buryats
The first chapter introduces culture and society of Buryats. Then the author presents 156 Buryat folklore texts (riddles, sayings, and songs) in original language and German translation, collected in Russia and Mongolia during field trips between 2001-2005. The texts belong to Chori-, Echirit-Bulagat-, and Selenga Buryats from Aga, Ust"-Orda, the Buryat Republic, the Ajmaks Dorod, Chövsgöl, and Töv, and from remigrations from Inner Mongolia. Commentaries on these texts deal with nomadic everyday life in riddles, with horses, the respect of family, elders, and ancestors, and how to live as an example. Then there are commentaries regarding marriage, courtship, love, separation, erotic topics, dances, wishes and sayings, and finally on legends and history, i.e., songs as chronicle.