Das Überleben des Schamanismus im chinesischen Zentralasien: Beispiele des modernen Synkretismus als Forschungsproblem der Religionsethnologie
Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 131.2006:263-276
Keywords: shamanism, Uygurs, Kazakhs, Kirkiz, ritual of shamans, songs of shamans, Islam and shamanism

##Survival of shamanism in Chinese Central Asia: Examples of modern syncretism as research problem in the anthropology of religion

The paper, based on the data obtained by the author in extensive field work in Xinjiang, describes the practices of shamanism beliefs among the Uygurs, Kazakhs and Kirkiz whose religion is Islam now. And the related practice of healing diseases, expelling evils, the devices that the shamans use, the ritual procedures and the lines of the ritual songs performed by the shamans during the rituals, are also described in detail. Then the author gives a comparatively thorough analysis on the shamanism belief of the peoples and Islamism. And in conclusion, the author points out there are mutual co-existent relations of Islam and the multi-god belief of shamanism among the ethnic groups and the unique cultures of Islam and shamanism exist among the peoples of Yinjiang.##