Geburt und Jugend des Helden im Gesar-Epos der Monguor (VR China, Provinz Qinghai)
Anthropos 101.2006:473-497
Keywords: Monguor, Gesar Epic, hero of Gesar Epic

Birth and youth of the Gesar Epic hero of the Monguor (PR of China, Quinhai Province)
##In the years 1948/49 Dominik Schröder noted down a Monguor version of the Gesar epic, of which he could translate only some parts; after his death in 1974 the manuscript was edited in 1980 by Walther Heissig. In 1988 another version of the Monguor-Gesar was published in Chinese translation in a Chinese Gesar research periodical. In comparison to Schröder"s record this epic demonstrates significant alterations but also helps us to understand some of the parts which Schröder was not able to translate. On the other hand these two versions reveal the traits which connect them with motives, motive chains, and plots of Mongolian and Tibetan storytelling and Gesar/Geser traditions. They also demonstrate the attributes and peculiarities of the Monguor-Gesariade and prove that the similar motive chain and construction of the two variants represent a distinct oral poetry theme among the Gesar/Geser traditions in Innerasia.##