"... Yang hidup di sini, yang mati di sana" Upacara lingkaran hidup di Desa Sembiran, Bali (Indonesia)
(Göttinger Studien zur Ethnologie 15)
Berlin: Lit Verlag 2006
110 pp., Euro 19.90; ISBN 3-8258-9200-X
Keywords: life cycle rituals, rites de passage, ancestor worship, rites of passage, cyclical rituals, reincarnation

In this book some 24 life cycle rituals in the village of Sembiran, as practiced between 2000-2005, are documented in the Indonesian language only the 13-page conclusion is written in German. In this way, continuous transformations in this culture are shown. They take place in the networks of family, village, and supernatural beings. In the conclusion the authors state that rapid modernizing change takes place in this village as opposed to other villages, such as the neighboring village of Julah. The life cycle rituals are cyclically conceived, stretching over more than one incarnation their purpose is purificatory, and as in Hinduism the goal is escaping from the cycles of life and death.