Tutu kadire in Pandai Munaseli. Erzählen und Erinnern auf der vergessenen Insel Pantar (Ostindonesien)
(Passauer Beiträge zur Südostasienkunde 12)
Berlin: Lit Verlag 2006
408 pp., Euro 34.90; ISBN 3-8258-9604-8
Keywords: myths of Pantar, Pantar myths, mission, Calvinist mission, narrative, oral texts, storytelling, ancestor worship

Narrating and remembering at the forgotten Island of Pantar (Eastern Indonesia)
Pantar is a forgotten island in two senses: because social scientists have overlooked it, and the predominantly Calvinist population forgets their own traditional knowledge since missionaries have prohibited any kind of ancestor worship. Rodemeier has activated the "old men" to talk meaningfully (tutu kadire) again about their old culture and thus to activate this memory. The book includes these old local historical myths and presents the societal relevance of the myths as well as storytelling, narrating and remembering. The author introduces the setting (geography, the Pantar, their material culture), pre-colonial, colonial and missionary Pantar history, present-day lifestyle, myth narrative and oral tradition in the setting, a detailed representation of about half a dozen myth complexes, and a transcript analysis of the myth texts (original text and German translation). The table of contents has lists of myths, maps, diagrams etc. for easy retrieval.