Begehrte Köpfe. Christoph Fürer-Haimendorfs Feldforschung im Naga-land (Nordostindien) der 30er Jahre
Wien: Böhlau Verlag 2006
208 pp., Euro 19.90; ISBN 3-205-77469-8
Keywords: headhunting, Fürer-Haimendorf, C. v., Nagas, colonialism, identity and colonialism

Heads in demand. Christoph Fürer-Haimendorf"s fieldwork in the Nagaland (Northeast India) of the 1930s
Starting from a head/skull which was given to the Vienna Museum of Anthropology by Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf, a head he had got from his fieldwork among the Nagas in Northeast India, the author deals with headhunting, anthropological method and praxis, the history of anthropology, Nagaland, and the critique of colonialism. Schäffler reflects on collecting skulls by white/foreign visitors, explanations for headhunting, and the life and work of Fürer-Haimendorf. The Nagas are represented historically and in ethnographic literature, followed by a critique. The next chapter deals with colonialism: the setting, the usefulness of anthropology for colonialism, a critique of colonialism, and repercussions of colonialism in present identities. The book has appendices describing related jewellery, clothing, metal objects and head-gears, a bibliography, and also the following papers: MEßNER, RALF: Reflexionen zu Christoph Fürer-Haimendorf Publikation: "Die Stellung der Naturvölker in Indien und Südostasien" [Reflecting on Fürer-Haimendorf"s book: "The status of tribal peoples in India and Southeast Asia"] CAMREGHER, CHRISTOPH & DAVID MIHOLA: Unterhaltung für die Wehrmacht: Anmerkungen zur Entstehungsgeschichte von "Der weiße Kopfjäger" [Entertainment for the Wehrmacht: Addenda to the history of origin of "The white headhunter"]