Die Männer, die den Geldbaum fällten. Konzepte von Austausch und Gesellschaft bei den Rmeet von Takheung, Laos
(Comparative anthropological studies in society, cosmology and politics 1)
Berlin: Lit Verlag 2006
335 pp., 14 photographs, Euro 29.90; ISBN 3-8258-8043-5
Keywords: Rmeet, reproduction of society, society of Rmeet, globalization, ethnography and history

The men who felled the money tree. Concepts of exchange and society among the Rmeet of Takheung, Laos
This is the first monograph on the Rmeet since 50 years, a community of the highlands of Laos. Focus is the question which kind of relationships are necessary to reproduce this society. For this purpose the author discusses rituals and socio-cosmic gift exchange, which constitutes persons, houses, and villages. Also, trade, the national state, and interethnic relations are discussed. By combining classical ethnographic topics with a history- and globalization-conscious perspective the dynamic picture of a local value system emerges.