Spirituelle Heiler im modernen Syrien. Berufsbild und Selbstverständnis Wissen und Praxis
Berlin: Verlag Hans Schiler 2006
517 pp., Euro 32,-; ISBN 3-89930-122-6
Keywords: spiritual healers, healers, holistic healing, Islam and healers, fundamentalism and healers, possession

Spiritual healers in modern Syria. Profession and self-image knowledge and practice
Sündermann describes healers in Syria as "realistic" and pragmatic; they assess their patients "holistically" and respect them as persons without proselytizing or missionizing. This tradition of healers has been attacked by Islamist fundamentalists and by western modernism as well. Their existence shows that Islamic societies are much more variegated and pluralist than depicted in the West. The author portrays the professional profile of healers, and the ethnographic setting (healers in Syria: calling, motivation, education, revelation, everyday practice, self-image, and social status). The next chapters deal with knowledge and practice in a detailed way: applications, aetiology, diagnosis, therapy, and explanations of the healing process. There is a detailed appendix and index of several categories.