7225 -- USER, INCI

Das Mutterbild in der heutigen türkischen Kultur
Curare 29.2006:150-158
Keywords: motherhood, patriarchal structure, modernization, laicism, social roles, Islam and women, women in Islam

##The image of the mother in the Turkish culture
Women are given a specific role in the Turkish Republic"s projects of"modernization and westernization: They are expected to participate in the labour force, in political and cultural activities and to symbolize as well as actively contribute to these projects and especially to the laicistic revolution. At the same time, they are responsible for the socialization of the younger generation and for their becoming proper citizens. However, their legal equality with men does not liberate the Turkish women from traditional values and practices, which emphasize their motherhood. They are burdened with a huge load of responsibilities in the family life and limit her participation in public life. Motherhood is the most significant and the only undisputed social role of the Turkish female.##