"Eine gute Frau sitzt niemals müßig". Rezente Hüte und Körbe niueanischer Flechterinnen
Baessler-Archiv 53.2005:159-180
Keywords: baskets, hats, plaiting

"A good woman is never idle." Recent hats and baskets of Niuean plaiters
##Due to historical reasons, there are hardly any sources on, or any museum specimens of pre-European plaiting on the Polynesian island of Niue. In this paper, based on ethnographic fieldwork between 2002 and 2005, the different kinds of hats and baskets which are made or remembered by today"s Niueans in Auckland and Niue are presented and explained in their Niuean context. The types of objects and the techniques in making them do not differ from those in use on other Polynesian islands. It is arguecl however, that the genuineness of Niuean plaiting is linked to adapting, experimenting, and improving rather than the distinctiveness of objects or techniques.##