Heilige Hochzeit. Kulturgeschichte der Fiesta de Toros
Wien: Böhlau Verlag 2006
146 pp., Euro 24.90; ISBN 3-205-77538-4
Keywords: bullfight, corrida, sacrifice, death cult, ritual of death, tremendum

Sacred marriage. Cultural history of the Fiesta de Toros
The Fiesta de Toros is the last mystical performance of death in European culture. The author traces, in an essayistic style, the "corrida" as a special form of portraying death relating to historical, philosophical, and current foundations. Special attention is also payed to the "toro bravo". The Spanish ethnographic context is described, the relation of eros and thanatos, the motif of sacrifice, meaning and importance of the sacrificial animal (the bull), historical foundations, the development of the corrida, his own involvement with this spectacle (his affection: afición), and the tremendum inherent in the fiesta de toros.