7240 -- FREI, RUTH

Jung im alten Körper. Umgang mit dem alternden Körper in einer jugendorientierten Gesellschaft
Bern: Edition Soziothek 2006
142 pp., Euro 22.40; ISBN 3-03796-139-2
Keywords: ageing, old age and body, body and ageing, youth and ageing, attitudes on ageing

Being young in an old body. Dealing with the ageing body in a youth-oriented society
In describing the theoretical background Frei gives an overview of the various phenomena, opportunities and methods "to stay young". She considers claims of the anti-aging medicine and beauty medicine and results, i.e., what can factually be expected. There are aging-related focus group conversations with 17 young people (men and women between 14- and 20), then there are 20 single interviews with elderly people between 58-84 years of age ñregarding their self-image, body perception, ageing process, attractivity, wellbeing, youth cult, and youth image. This is concluded by an interpretation and discussion. Results show a great discrepancy between the ageing body and the inner feeling of personal age, a striving for keeping the body functioning as long as possible, etc.