7241 -- GERHARDS, JÜRGEN unter Mitarbeit von MICHAEL HÖLSCHER

Kulturelle Unterschiede in der Europäischen Union. Ein Vergleich zwischen Mitgliedsländern, Beitrittskandidaten und der Türkei. 2., durchgesehene Auflage
Wiesbaden: VS Verlag 2006
318 pp., Euro 12790; ISBN 3-531-14321-2
Keywords: cultural difference, differences of cultures, European Union, values (Europe), economy, welfare ideas, democracy, civil society

Cultural difference in the European Union. A comparison between member states, candidates for membership, and Turkey. 2nd. enlarged ed.
15 new member states raise the question of cultural relations, or cultural compatibility in the European Union. Are new member states culturally compatible with the self-image of the Union, or does it mean a cultural overstretching? The study is based on interview data and tries to explain variations in values of the citizens. Based on interviews this book documents differences of the member countries and value orientations of citizens. Topics deal with religion, family and gender role concepts, emancipation of women, economy, welfare ideas, democracy, and civil society. So the study has tested whether citizens comply with official definitions of European values on these topics. Results show that citizens of the 15 foundation countries have rather homogenous values, that support in the ten new countries is somewhat less, and it is least in the two last (Bulgaria, Romania).