7242 -- HAID, HANS

Mythen der Alpen. Von Saligen, weißen Frauen und heiligen Bergen
Wien: Böhlaus Verlag 2006
365 pp., Euro 29.80; ISBN 3-205-77541-4
Keywords: Alpine myths, myths of the Alps, folklore (Alps), pilgrimage (Alps)

Myths of the Alps. Of saliges, white women and sacred mountains
This is a collection of folklore ñ almost in the manner of a travel guide book and profusely illustrated ñ of myths in the whole region of the Alps, i.e. in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia. Most of the myths are religious ones, and the author attests a revival of religious belief in present times. Often these myths deal with the virgin (white virgin) and blessed women (salige = selige: blessed ones), and a number of places described are pilgrimage places. The author introduces the place and setting in a practical way and then introduces the myths, taken from oral or printed sources. The appendix comprises the bibliography, an annotated glossary, and an extensive index.