Körperinszenierung und Aneignung von sozialem Raum: Das Beispiel deutscher Obdachloser in Paris
Sociologus 56.2006:173-192
Keywords: homeless, beggars, agency and begging, body and begging

##The staging of the body and the apppropriation of social space. The case of Homeless Germans in Paris)
...Barbara Keifenheim analyses the survival strategies of a group of young German homeless men living in Paris as professional beggars. According to the author, their controlled staging of the body plays a decisive role for moving successfully in multiple physical and social spaces, for achieving a satisfying co-presence with other local actors and for taking part in various forms of social interaction. The accomplishment of an aesthetic outward appearance which in different spaces has to fulfil quite different functions is widely due to a permanent disciplinary control of the body. It can be understood both as a proof, how these young men, though living on the fringes of society, have internalized the dominant schemes of social categorisation and as subversive strategy to undermine the inherent stigmatisations of these schemes.##