Kriminalitätsfurcht im urbanen Raum. Eine Mehrebenenanalyse zu individuellen und sozialräumlichen Determinanten verschiedener Dimensionen von Kriminalitätsfurcht
Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 58.2006:285-306
Keywords: fear of crime, neighborhood and crime, multilevel analysis, postal survey, crime and fear, victimization model, disorder model

##Fear of Crime in Urban Neighborhoods - A Multilevel Analysis
The bulk of fear-of-crime research has concentrated on three basic models explaining fear of crime among neighborhood residents: a victimization model, a disorder model and a model pertaining to the social integration of residents. Hierarchical linear models are tested with survey data (N = 3612) from 49 districts of the city of Hamburg. Multilevel analyses indicate that indicators of fear of crime vary significantly across neighborhoods. The results of two-level hierarchical linear analyses show that micro-level variables (perceived physical and social incivilities, personal and indirect victimization, trust in neighbors, perceptions of police patrol, age, gender) and macro-level variables (concentrated disadvantage, population density) are good predictors of different dimensions of fear of crime (affective, cognitive, behavioral) among neighborhood residents.##