Erhöht Globalisierung die Ungleichheit der Einkommen? Determinanten von Einkommensverteilungen in 16 OECD-Ländern 1967-2000
Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 58.2006: 638-659
Keywords: globalization, social inequality, income, inequality of earnings, households" income

##Does globalization increase income inequality? Determinants of earnings Inequality in 16 OECD-Countries 1967-2000
The article tests the thesis that globalization increases the earnings inequality of households. It extends the time series data set of Alderson and Nielsen (2002) who supported the globalization thesis. Alternative models provide no evidence that foreign trade, foreign investment, and migration increase inequality. The article gives reasons for these results and shows that OECD countries pass through an endogenous sectoral and demographic crisis in the transition to post-indtistrial service societies. Therefore, the paper adapts Kuznets" theorem of sector dualism to the subsectors of the service economy. The polarization of value addition within the service sector appears as the crucial determinant of increased earnings inequality of households.##