Die zweidimensionale Gesellschaft. Ein Essay zur neokonsumistischen Geisteshaltung
Wiesbaden: VS Verlag 2006
316 pp., Euro 29.90; ISBN 3-531-14894-X
Keywords: society and consumerism, consumerist society, late modernity, conformism and economy, economic values, values of economy, colonialization of lifeworld, shopping as value, identity and shopping

Two-dimensional society. An essay on the neo-consumerist attitude
This is a cultural description of consumerism, i.e. societies, which, by way of accumulated wealth, have developed a specifically consumerist lifestyle - with respective phenomena such as corresponding meaning and ends of life, prevalent structures of buying and selling, necessary economic growth, purchasable goods and services, expectations of happiness - and there is subordination of all other things. So Prisching discusses processes leading from the "old" critique of consumerism to neo-consumerism, the logic of "overbidding", multioptionalism (creating opportunities and coercion to follow them), the colonialization of the lifeworld according to these ideas and values, the world as a shopping mall, counteracting boredom, processes of identity-building, conformism as self-realization, processes of marketing, and the lack of satisfaction in the face of these substitute satisfactions.