Integration, Identität, Differenz. Der Integrationsprozess aus der Sicht spanischer Migrantinnen und Migranten
(Europäische Hochschulschriften. Reihe IV: Geographie 27)
Bern: Lang Verlag 2006
288 pp., Euro 53.80; ISBN 3-03910-998-7
Keywords: integration, identity, difference, immigrants in Switzerland, migration

Integration, identity, difference. The process of integration from the viewpoint of Spanish migrants
Migration from Spain to Switzerland started in the 1960s, mainly in the form of labor migration. This book aims at complementing official definitions of integration by researching viewpoints of the migrants themselves. How do they understand integration, and in what way do their views differ from official ones? How do they see their own integration? Numerous interviews serve to form various contexts, showing specific situations of individual migrants. Twenty people have been interviewed and the life histories of five of them are presented in detail. The first and theoretical part of the book deals with method and analysis and the conceptualization of the three focuses named in the title. Complementing the qualitative part there is a statistical chapter presenting data on Spanish immigration in Switzerland, revealing changes in socio-economic status as well. "Integration" is dealt with on a conceptual level, in the sense of talking about integration, that is, definitions; then integration as practice in everyday life; and finally there are places of integration: symbolic ones and those places appropriated in everyday practice and connected with the interaction of people.