Die soziale Welt des FC Hochstätt Türkspor
Sociologia Internationalis 44.2006:21-56
Keywords: football, soccer, sports and culture, migrants" sports, lifestyles, sub-worlds, subcultures

The social world of the FC Hochstätt Türkspor
##This article analyses the participation of migrants in sport. Based on a single-case study of a "Turkish" soccer club, it studies the structural features of "ethnic" self organization. The club responds to the problems of social order in modern complex societies - a problem emanating from the pluralization of social lifeworlds - by employing a number of characteristic "answers", among them the segmentation into sub-worlds and the encompassing and integrative nature of collective ideologies which allows for the reconciliation of the contradictions of everyday life. Furthermore, lifestyles are expressive forms of representation by means of which individuals communicate their attitudes towards life and their social position. Finally, in processes of legitimation and delegitimation questions of belonging and recognition are being fought over. The article suggests that a sociology of "social worlds" approach can substantially contribute to the study of the mediating structures of society.##