"Begrenzung" durch kulturelles Kapital? Zu Bedingungen regionaler Mobilität im Kontext der Kapitalientheorie Pierre Bourdieus
Berliner Journal für Soziologie 16.2006:227-244
Keywords: capital varieties, Bourdieu, P., migration

##Restricted by cultural capital? Conditions of regional mobility in the context of Pierre Bourdieu"s conceptualization of capital
With increasing regional disparities in economic development and living conditions in Europe, migration has become a key element in domestic politics of many European countries. One of the main concerns of analysis has been the search for important determinants of migration, however, the role of "region specific cultural capital" has not been considered. This omission is the starting point of our discussion and we introduce region specific capital as a form of cultural capital. In contrast to widespread approaches, hypotheses deriving from the theory of Pierre Bourdieu and his distinction of economic, social and cultural capital are deduced and empirically tested, using a representative survey of 3005 persons living in Saxony. The results show that the main determinants of migration are region specific cultural capital, dissatisfaction and age.##