Die Verfügbarkeit partnerschaftlich gebundener Akteure für den Partnermarkt
Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 58.2006: 617-637
Keywords: marriage market, separation, divorce, marriage, cohabitation, partnership

##The marriage market availability of actors committed in intimate relationships
Drawing on data from the German Family Survey 2000, the paper analyses the availability of persons already committed in an intimate relationship for the marriage market on the background of family economics and exchange theory. The probability of separation and immediately getting involved in a new intimate relationship is interpreted as probability of being available for the marriage market. Availability varies with some easily observable traits: duration of relationship, cohabitation and marital status, age of partners, sex and - for female actors - the age of the youngest child. The connection of these traits to the commitment in the current relationship is in most cases very obvious and common sense. Thus the traits may be interpreted as indicators of availability by other actors on the marriage market. In contrast to usual assumptions, unmarried persons are available for the marriage market only to a rather small extent if they cohabit with or without a shared household. Married persons are available for the marriage market up to a small, but measureable extent, too.##