Das nordalbanische Gewohnheitsrecht und seine mündliche Dimension
(Curupira 17)
Marburg: Curupira 2004
365 pp., Euro 20,-; ISBN 3-8185-0395-8
Keywords: customary law, kanun, habitus, democracy, orality, state and customary law, communication and law

North Albanian customary law and ist oral dimension
Voell describes the performative character of this customary law (Kanun) ist socio-economic and ideological basis and ist perseverance in present-day democratic Albania. The chapters discuss kanun as habitus, the framework in which it is embedded (communication situation), and the practice of kanun (style of communication). In the end, the perseverance of the kanun, ist orality, and the kanun-state relation are discussed. ##Democratic principles have only slowly taken root in Albania after the disintegration of the socialist one-party-state in 1991. A contemporary form of the traditional oral law "kanun" took the place of missing state structures, especially in northern Albania, and today determines large parts of social life. In this book the kanun is described as a habitus and the resilience of the local law through socialist and well into democratic Albania is discussed. A peculiar characteristic of the kanun lies in the oral dimension of ist practice. The author applies the abstract anthropological category "orality" to the specific ethnographical reality of the kanun.##