Criticism, Comments, Contributions !!!

First of all we would like to share some data with you, namely awesome statistics: the number of visitors of our website, which increasingly fills us with some pride, despite the fact that pride is certainly not a virtue... (and we generally hate the widespread pride rhetoric).
But: statistics show that casual visitors (hits) to our website were 28,336 in June 2005, while sessions, that is those who used the database of Anthropological Abstracts thoroughly, were 4452 in June 2005 .
In December 2005 hits already numbered 35,862, and there were 6197 sessions... (we do not waste the time to express the increase in per cent).
In April 2006 we had 38,467 hits, and 7732 sessions of users worldwide. So this constant and sharp increase seems to speak for the usefulness of the Anthropological Abstracts data base and the whole website. But still we are eager to know your opinion - perhaps we can make some improvement.

For this reason we would appreciate your opinion specifically on the following points:

Whatever your reaction,
please enjoy these pages!
Your anthropology-online team

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